DAIKASH HEP nato il 17-10-2001

3 anni e 4 mesi

3 anni e 4 mesi

un saluto al padrone in partenza

gennaio 2006 - oggi guido io...

nostro guardiano per sempre

altre foto di DAIKASH

Potente e ottimo riproduttore, alcuni dei suoi figli: EKEMEN, GARABASH, GYZYL, KIUMUSH, GURHAN, IUREKLI, ITTO, ALAGOZ, ASSYRIN GIJE

DAIKASH HEP , born on 17th October 2001 in Russia, when we were looking for a female of CAO. When we met him for the first time the 9th of January 2002, we were astonished and fascinated by his structure, he already was twice his brothers in size; he was the most courageous in his litter, without any problems he came flaring us for keeping his brothers quite and sure, showing his native leadership! This is the reason for which he has then come with us along with a female, his sister DESHA GOR.
He's a very intelligent dog, he immediately accepted us as his new owners, so, the morning after we took him at home, in a park of big and crowded city, he has followed us without a lace and has made so ever since.
He is deeply attached to us; our son Dalan, grabbing his coat, has learnt to walk; but DAIKASH does not like to be caressed by children but ours.
Dalan even tried to look for something driving his small finger through an eye of DAIKASH, who had been calmly waiting for a rescue!
One night in Rimini, a boy, suddenly appearing from the darkness, spit on his nose: he reacted simply turning the head to the other side. This way he showed us his incredibly balanced character!!!
Professional trainers in Italy have never thought of trying an attack with DAIKASH, because they could feel a very serious dog in him, as they had never seen before!
He's always aware of what is happening, that's why his reaction always fits to the action.
It is wonderful to se DAIKASH at work in team with DESHA GOR; she pays attention to humans and he defends against animals, but in case DESHA needs his help, he reaches the point faster than she does.
Always prepared for action, DAIKASH is particularly active by the nighttime and discreet by the day, always keeping an eye on each one of us, even when he's playing with a companion on a field, in a park or in the famous piney wood of Ravenna.
Among cows, as well as among horses, goats and so on, he feels sure of his expertise; as sure as when he scrambled two meters up a tree to follow a cat which did not want to play with him!
He had no doubt in climbing the remains of a cowshed to catch a green lizard as well as to jump down from the 3 meter high remaining roof when we called him, and to start immediately running to reach us as he "landed"!
Typical Turkmenian Volkodav, DAIKASH is 85cm tall for a weight of 85kg. His impressive skeletal structure has no comparison in such tall dogs. DAIKASH has an excellent muscular structure which gives him an amazing strength and an incredible speed. He moves gently and lightly.
Similar dogs you can find in old pictures showing aboriginal Central Asia Shepherd Dogs.
His character is the strongest one we have ever met in a dog.
Thankyou DAIKASH for showing us how a Central Asia Shepherd Dog should be!
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